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håfa adai!

We're John and Chelzea, a creative couple and photo team, aka the faces of Happy Trails Ltd. We're currently based in Colorado Springs but are happy to serve you anywhere adventure is calling. As experienced Colorado Elopement Photographers (and Colorado Wedding Photographers), we're here to be the ultimate third wheels on your big day. If you're interested in booking a photo session/wedding in Guam, we're always looking for an opportunity to visit home and would love to be considered!


Capturing stories for the warm, adventurous and wild hearts is our passion. All the laughs, smiles and tears are the memories we want you to keep for generations to come. If you're seeking photography for couples, your engagement, elopement and wedding, book with us! We also happily extend our photography to families.


We're here to capture your story.

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Our photo services are designed to fit your needs. Let's chat more about them!


(603).359.7132 | (603).359.5573

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storytellers for the wild hearts

today's little moments become tomorrow's precious memories. we capture photos to pause life's stories and feel-good moments so you can appreciate them forever.

Our why is simple.


Every moment is precious and the memories we create daily are priceless. Time flies when you're having fun and recollecting these memories brings us so much joy.

We want to help encapsulate all the warm, fuzzy feels -your stories and precious moments- so you and your loved ones will be able to cherish them forever.



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