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get to know us!


We're Chelzea and John, your Happy Trails Creative couple and team.

When we met, we were instantly drawn to each other's creativity and drive to be the best versions of ourselves. Our "creative adventures" initially started off with taking photos together during hikes and strolls on the beach. After finding that capturing photos and meaningful moments together was our passion, we decided to start taking photos for family and friends. During COVID-19, we bit the bullet, Chelz quit her day job and pursued this dream full-time. Now, we've captured over a hundred families, couples and portrait sessions with some pretty awesome people. We reside in Colorado Springs with our dogs, Kemba and Kodi, and are so happy to serve clients here. We can't wait to meet you next.


some fun facts about your new friends 

  • John is from Hanover, New Hampshire. Chelz is from Yigo, Guam.

  • We love the beach and mountains. Kemba used to dig for crabs all the time at our condo in Guam. Now, he happily chases squirrels along mountain trails. "Happy Trails" was something we decided to brand ourselves as because we love being out in nature and wishing others "Happy Trails!" on hikes. We also love the positive energy the phrase emulates.

  • John has made it a goal to climb all the 14ers.

  • Chelz loves to cook and bake -while John equally enjoys taste testing everything. We sometimes share recipes on instagram @happytrailsbnb!

  • We're both very family oriented people and love meeting those from our hometown/island.

  • We absolutely LOVE dogs and welcome all our clients to bring them along for our sessions!!! We're paw-rents to Kemba, a Brindle Pittie-Mix, and Kodi, a Tamaskan Wolf Dog.

  • Our favorite down time activities are taking our dogs on adventures and watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette/ BIP or documentaries.

  • We live an active, healthy lifestyle and are members of Crossfit SoCo in COS and Custom Fitness in Guam (we love our communities!)

  • John was a baller all his life --huge Celtics fan. Chelz was a wrestler and Junior Olympic judo athlete (who would've thought?)

  • We've recently become first-time homeowners and are aspiring real estate investors. We've opened our first AirBnb/VRBO --if you're ever looking for a place to stay in the area, let's chill!

  • John is an ISFP (Adventurer) and Chelz is an INFJ (Advocate). Our enneagrams: John is a Type 9 and Chelz is a Type 2. We're both introverts and our shared love languages are Quality Time + Acts of Service.

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