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"Best Birthday Ever!"

Upon searching "Breckenridge, Colorado's Best Photographers", Molly came across us, sent an inquiry and we booked a family session together! After discussing her family's plan to visit Breckenridge and some ideas on what locations would be great during the fall/autumn time, Molly came across Twin Lakes and we decided to shoot at this breathtaking location.

Molly is our client who found us after searching "Breckenridge, Colorado's Best Photographers". She booked a family session with us as a gift for her mom's birthday.

Sure enough, Twin Lakes did not disappoint during our session. We were greeted by the gorgeous views of the lakes, the mountains in the background, and shimmering aspen trees that varied hues of yellow, gold, oranges and red.

Above the lake, we found a camp ground with trails that wove through the aspens. After some family photos with the Hoover's walking through these trees, Molly and her sister, Emily took the spotlight with sweet "school photos"/"senior portraits". Despite COVID and being homeschooled, we wanted to make sure the girls and their family could have some portraits that resembled school photos they could look back on later. The backlight and glowing aspens brought out an almost angelic tone while the girls posed and it made us smile seeing the way their parents, Angela and Bryan, watched them admiringly.

Molly and Emily glowing amongst the aspen trees.

After some time in the short trails, we led the Hoover family down to Twin Lakes' beach. We were welcomed by the chilly autumn's fresh air and sound of the water crashing. The Colorado mountains showed off their wonderful peaks and while we scoped spots along the beach, we gave the Hoover's some time to truly take in the ambiance and views. With a huge smile, Angela shared, "This is the best birthday ever". There was truly something magical about the way the fall colors contrasted from the cool lake and mountainous scene while her daughters and husband took in their time together.

Colorado Family Photographer | Breckenridge, Twin Lakes

As the sun began to set, the colors softened and became more vibrant. We wanted the Hoover family to really take in the moment, to be present, and take some time to celebrate how special Angela's birthday is. We asked the Hoover's if they wanted to take time to share a prayer together which Bryan gracefully led. It was such an emotional, intimate moment we were able to capture with them.

Colorado Beach, Twin Lakes, Mountain Family Photographer

Christian Family Photographer Colorado BeachChristian Family Photographer Colorado Beach

Angela and Bryan were able to share a mini couples session with John while I shared a cute sisters session with Emily and Molly. The girls shared their Pinterest ideas and did such a wonderful job hyping each other and their parents up as they danced and swayed to the session music we played. Twin Lakes and the Hoover family definitely hold a special place in our heart after this session. Happy Best Birthday Ever, Angela. Thank you for sharing this session with us.


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